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12:56pm 03/11/2007
   I started a myspace and i don't know how to work it yet lol i am a looser  
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What happend   
03:47pm 25/09/2007
  What  The Hell!
I have always needed friends around me and now that i have been busey i haven't had time to miss them and that was ok because i knew they were busey too but now i feel like i have ran so far ahead and stopped and am now waiting for everyone else to catch up. i know that i should be contedt things are going as good as they could be but i am sad for somereason i don't know but i am so tired of feeling this way. i am gropping on tight. I talked to john yesterday and he denied that he was told about Earl leaving and made me feel like i was crazy if he dose know and is not going to let me go back to my store i am quitting i am tired of this shit!!! well thats it for now.
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09:31am 19/09/2007
mood: crushed

Today I got my first B on my test think god for extra credit i just squeaked by with an A. But i guess you can't win them all. Last night i saw 1408 that movie scared the pants off me! i think i can handle alot of gore and horror but that one and halloween really drove it home for me! I haven't been that scared since the first time i say Candy Man if you haven't seen it you need to! Because Joe said so. Todays word of the day is Taco! i know its not all that origanal but it sounds good. Also meg i think i am going get plowed so ya its going to be a long night be parepared for some drunk calls!

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02:35pm 15/09/2007
   Hello I had a bad day Yesterday my computer crashed so i ave to use the old one and it is going to take a while to get fixed so i am stuck with mine. well anyway i have to go to work today and it sucks so i hope it will be a better day than yesterday so heres looking at you kid LOL  
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07:12pm 12/09/2007
  hey here i am again just checking in and like always no one here so whats up school was good there is something going on with the new program but i won't know what it is for about a week i'm on edge. if they extend the day hours i don't know what i ll do. if they add more math classes it will be bad
well well see hope to hear form someone soon 
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07:46am 10/09/2007
   Waz up! I got internet at home this weekend and i haven't really done anything else! I can't wait till I get done with school I like it but it sure is alot of work. I lost 20$ yesterday and now i can't focus till i find it. I need a coma to fall into. anyone want to help me with that? lol I am so tired! but it will be worth it when i get out of here. well anyway things are going good i just need a break. hope to hear from someone soon LOL   
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whats up!!!!   
08:53am 05/09/2007
   Yes i know i am the king of the on again off again relationship but i think im back for good. it looka like LJ is dyeing people must be going to that scum my space im a lifer anyway ill be here  
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12:45am 02/03/2006
mood: home sick
hey i did it i moved and got to spring field its one hell of a scary place i can't stand it i am really scared. i left my whole life behind my job and my family i hope everything worksout wish me luck. i miss home rightnow
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12:21am 19/02/2006
  Here i am I am drunk and here so there you go. so whats going on in your world. so I am living on one hour sleep because i freaked out about moving out so wow now i know that i am going to stay Here in springfield I know that things will work out so I hope things work out. anyway hows things doing. anyway post me soon. joejoe  
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10:49pm 26/05/2005
  I did it! i graduated and i am currently in FL and having the time of my life. we leave on friday. hope all is well
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12:47pm 23/01/2005
  I am now a year older and a lot wiser.i have learned that bad things happen to good people who let there guard down. im now 20 years old and a senior in high school. When we move i asked the question do we ever get to start over. i found the answer is no but we do get to start a new chapter. i am on a - b honor role and i know that im going to get there.  
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10:03am 04/05/2004
  i have new hair meg dyed it 4 me its now lime green and it rox i go in to public places and i get the best looks ever well ill get some pics and show u peace untill then  
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09:58am 04/05/2004
  I want everyone who reads this to ask me three questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want, then go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything. And I mean anything...  
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10:50pm 18/02/2004
  Im about to get drunk and i desurbe it so here it gos all down the drain so good bye me hello huggy bear! lots of love insanityrox  
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01:08pm 17/02/2004
mood: tired
hello i just got back from 4 days of house sitting\ babby sitting. im tires and all i want to do is talk to my friends but no ones home so ill stay here in my small world for another day the whole time i was b-sitting i thought of nothing but death i still want kids but so many in differnt age groups at one time. meg u suck going off on a rode trip and leaving me behind but im glad you had fun oh by the way meg im on line more and i think im going to start that community about obssions so ill call and talk to u about it.
lots of love to all my friends without you id just be fatter than i am now lol
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08:47pm 24/01/2004
  happy im with my best friends and were going get smashed and i realized for sure that i want to marry heather she makes me feel warm and fuffiled she takes my breath away and i cant see my life without her i love her more than words can express and it drives me crazy she is beautiful inside and out love you all insanityrox  
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01:02am 12/01/2004
mood: sad
2 night i got drunk and im sad i cant help it im so sad i know ill never amount 2 nothig and its all my falt and 2 my self im so sorry 2 all my friends ill never sing like i did before and i think ill die now some day i hope ill start a band and ill never sing in it so you will never heir me sing so thats itbut im smart enought to know how 2 play anything so hello new world peace i love my friends got to go to work 2marrow so night
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02:32pm 24/12/2003
  i hope you all are having a merry christmas. i miss you all and hope we get clits car unstuck wishing you well

ps if u stole my clowie i want her back pronto! lol=)
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07:35pm 22/11/2003
mood: bitchy
hello the end is near this is somthing i've been saying for a while. well this entry is to everyone indivaly sp? oh who cares to matt im sorry i wasnt there but i dont feel too bad because you could have let meg know you were coming and i would have been there. to meg im sorry for you feeling bad and mad i hope you will tell me if im part of your rage i hope you feel better and thanks for being soportive. beefy thanks for your party i had a great time and i think we had a friendship breakthrew i hope out friendship will grow and that when your 18 well go clubbing together. ps what do you want for christmas? to the rest of you i had a job intervuew at wall mart and i wont know for sure if i got it untill wensday so cross your fingers.
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04:34am 27/10/2003
mood: crappy
the time of our lives this isnt it i hope im out here in the middle of know where and i have no way out. someday i will make it and when i dopeople will regret what they have done thats right amie that means you you pearcey bitch you leave me here but you can still give me hell. hell i thought id post i havnt in a while and so here i am so a thanks to megan for the tribute of insanityrox if any one else wants to do so post it in my post id like to know what you all think of me and who i am
this is the world we live in this is the world it could be if only could be done.
night and have fun
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